Thursday, June 30, 2011


Yes guys,I really want an ice-cream right now.It's been two weeks I've been thinking of the same ice-cream in my mind.the BUBBA GUM ice-cream from GELATO FRUIT!!I felt so bad last two weeks when I did not buy it.And now can anyone buy me an ice-cream no matter what kind of ice-cream it is.I wanna eat an ice-cream badly right now.Maybe I'm too obsessed with this but yeah,I DO WANT THIS!!hehehe.Everyone who knows me,do buy me an ice-cream!hahahahah.


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Yes,guys.This is an old story I do still wanna tell you here.hee.I was supposed to write this entry long ago.But,never mind.It's better than nothing,right?So,this is a story that happened last Saturday where we hanged out at Midvalley.

The day started when us four walking to KTM Batu Tiga and took the train to Midvalley.We arrived there around 3.30 and straight away went for lunch at the food court.No money mah.So just ate there with a hope that there will be cheap food.But it's only a dream.It's KL bro.where got cheap food?"-_-While we were eating,of course there's some camwhoring,especially Mr. Zuley.Tak habes2 nak suruh orang amek gamba dia.hahaha,sigh.Then,I thought that I made Adilin a little bit pissed offlah during our lunch.hee.Sorry ye.

After that,we went to collect the tickets for GREEN LANTERN.yeah,baby.It's Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively in the movie!rugi tak tengok.We went to take a look in Galaxie Battlestar.One game for RM25.But,but for only 5 minutes.Will it be worth it?I also don't know.If we go back time,maybe we can play this dulu,it just left with us 4.hmm.Suddenly,Nina said she wanted to play that kiddie game(i-also-don't-know-what-name).hee.But,nobody wanted to play.hehehehe.So,we hanged out at The Coffe Bean.My favourite coffee shop all time.We ate #likeaboss I tell you.A piece of Red Velvet cake,a big chocolate chip cookies and Ice Blended mocha.Memang tak ingat dunia time tu.maen order je ape yang kteorg nak.hahahha.

And of courselah if there's us=camwhoring again and again.hahahha.We hanged there like nearly 2 hours I think.And we didn't even realized our movie will be starting another 5 minutes.While we're sitting there,I've learned things that I don't have to learn actually.hehehe.With Adilin being the guru.Zuley also made some #swag there.hahahha.and we recorded videos too.Memang tak ada keje kiteorang ni.Orang lain pegi blaja,kteorg pegi buang masa dekat midvalley.Nak buat macam mana,that's us.heh.

Around 6.30 pm,I went to watch the movie with Nina while the boys went shopping.Adilin wanted to buy new clothes for the Beast concert.Green Lantern was better than X-men I tell you.I am seriously in love with the movie.Blake Lively was so hot and Ryan Reynolds has abs.drooling.As usual,the review will be made later yeah guys.

After finished,we met up and had our dinner at the pancake house.Kiteorang kalau makan memang tak ingat dunia bab2 makan ni.once again,we ate #likeaboss.The pancake was so fluffy I'm gonna die.hahahah.It was nice and good as that was the first time we went there.We can come again.There's one thing I didn' get on that day.THE BUBBAGUM ICE-CREAM!!!I always thinking about that that ice-cream until today.I do have to buy it once.During our trip back home,us three made Zuley pissed off.Luckily he's cool with us the next day.hee,sori ye Zuley.tak mean pun.hehehehe.That's all for today guys.


Friday, June 24, 2011


Well well well!It seems you are talking about me.hmm.hey you PIGGY,I think you are better liar than me!What the heck are you trying to tell here?You said that I lied to you about your damn SD?hello!yeah,I lied to your face!so what?everybody's a liar but I'm the pretty little liar and you are fuckin' ugly liar.And you know what,at least I'm not like you.always saying to people that they are jealous if they are in a good term with your boyfriend.Come on,loser!your boyfriend is not that handsome for us to be jealous and take him from you!And that's why you two are a couple.This is because you both are losers!Seriously you guys match each other so well!With both being losers,uglies and fatties."-_____- HUH!I'm sorry if I'm being harsh to you but this is me.I wanna say what I wanna say.Oh yeah!One more thing,don't think that you are always the first to know some brand new information bro!actually you are among the last ones.If people join twitter,you also wanna join.If tumblr is trending,you also wanna join.Go fuck yourself girl!Plus don't think that you know everything about cameras!I think that if I'm not the one who introduced to you about all kinds of cameras,how will you know girl?And don't you dare talk about my money.It's my money and I can spend the money according to my way!yeah,its my parents' money.So what?They gave me the money so that I can spend and indulge myself.Are you jealous?Just say it girl!You are the most lamest girl that I have met in this society man.You go to the hell!

p/s :If tak puas hati,ape lagi bhai?datang jumpa depan-depan ar kalau berani.Itu pun kalau kau berani.Kaukan pandai cakap belakang je taw.Pergi bagitau boyfie kau,abang tipu kau,adik tipu kau,dan semua lagi yg kau dah hasut.Dahlah kau rampas tempat aku.Nak je aku cincang kau.LOSER!


Monday, June 20, 2011


It's been a week I've not posted a single post maklumlh kadang2 xde mood,kadang2 too much work to little timelah,as I said at the earlier post before,it's a X- MEN:FIRST CLASS review guys!!!

I think that all of you must know right about the film?!It's one the blockbuster films for 2011.If you guys have not watched it,you better get your ass moved and straight away heading to the nearest cinema.I'll give the film 4/5 I tell you.It's kinda weird if you out there as a guy and you haven't watch it yet.seriously pelik.come on guys,this is X-MEN I tell you!X-MEN.of courselah lelaki2 di luar sane sukekn?

The best part is when the hero is James Mcavoy as Charles Xavier or Professor X and the men in the film were damn hot.There's the Hannah Montana guy too and Hank Mccoy as Beast.I wanna be Emma Frost in the film.hehehhehe.I also don't know why?

There's one question in my mind right now?Are there mutants in our lives right now?Would it be awesome if I'm one of the mutants?Or at least my boyfriend is a mutant.Muhehehehhe.But I know there's no such things in the world.But,wouldn't it be amazing if we have an army of mutants?


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Assalamualaikum guys.So,my weekend this week was quite unexpected.With unplanned things and so on.Hahahahah.It started on Saturday around 3.30 p.m.Me and Zuley headed to Pavi to watch the Bboy competition while Nina and Adilin headed there a little bit late because they had classes on that afternoon.The competition was not bad as there were GILLER BATTLE CREW in it.It was Southe East Asia Competition and GBC won the third place.Unexpectedly,we met si cacat there,Meon.Heheheheh.He dyed his hair and styled his hair ala-ala mohawk.Dah same mcm si Zuley plak dah.hahahha.Then,we split up because Meon was with his sister.

Then,we went to take the tickets for X-men and lepak2 kat starbuck because we don't know where to go already.Boleh pulak duduk dengan Singaporean.She asked a lot of things and was quite okaylah.While waiting for Nina and Adilin arrived,we walked around Pavi.Masuk kedai DC,Topshoplah apelah.A lot of clothes that I want!!!!Hmm.When we entered Topshop,I was not the one who buying clothes there,but it's Mr. Zuley that bought Mickey shirt there!Hampeh btul.Mamat nh plak yg boleh beli baju kt situ.

After that,we went to KLCC to meet up with Nina and Adilin.We ate ice-cream that we have been craving for years at The Cream &Fudge Factory.Muhehehehehe.At last!We ate dinner at the food court and did some cam-whoring.At 9 pm,we headed back to Pavi to meet Meon and watched X-Men:First Class.The film was epic!The review will be made by another post. :)

After the movie,we went to Kampung Bharu to eat Nasi Lemak.hehehehhehe.Late night supper!We had a little chat there and went to Downtown Cheras to havw a walk there.And the best part is the next destination.We went to TASIK PERMAISURI.Guess what we're doing there?Lu pikirlah sendiri tu tempat ape.hhehehehe.memang xde keje btullh kteorg pegi sne.tgk mak nyah situ amboi kemaen lagi lembut dari perempuan sejati.hahahhaha

So,rasenye dah banyak aq membebel nh.Thanks to Zuley,Nina,Meon and Adilin for giving me a blast day yesterday.Muhehehehhheheh!If nak pergi tasik tuh lagi boleh ajak saye ye.hehehehhe


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


As we all know,last night was the 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS.yuuhuu.It's been my favourite every year.But,this year lots of people saying that it was actually a TWILIGHT AWARD!!Why did I say that?It's obviously because they took all the awards including Best Male&Female Perfomance,Best Kiss,blah blah,and surprisingly they won the Best Movie.Don't you think that the Twilight phenomena is so last year?!!I would prefer if Inception won the best movie.They deserve more.Oh,what can I say.The event was all based on voting.So,there's nothing much I can say here.

The event this year is a lot more funnier than last year.It was hosted by Jason Sudeikis and the short movie that he made was epic!You guys should have watched it.When Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake became the presenters,they act like the picture above in front of the audience.It was damn funny.They said that it's because they are 'FRIENDS',they can make it public.Stupid.hahahaha

And there was also a gay scene between Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattison.It was when Robert and Kirstin won the Best Kiss award.Y u both wanna kiss together?You guys should have been kissing hot girls out there!!!You guys are damn hot last night.hehehehhehe

Lastly,even though lots of people condemned the award saying that it was actually a Twilight award,I still love them.Who cares?The film was quite okay and mostly because the casts are hot.The trailer for Breaking Dawn was epic too!Can't wait to watch it.hehehehehe.Do watch the MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2011 guys.:)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


oh my cover,where have u been missing?camera tuh x sampai setahun jagung lagi,asal ko boleh hilang?I demand you to appear back!dahlah malam nh x bape nk bertafakur with lights off until ntah kul bpe tadi.with not so good mood.ditambah pule dengan lens' cover hilang.sigh

after membaca blog Yana Aziz,I think that's quite true.Storynye berbunyi begini,

I am not going to talk anymore.
biar lah aku
walau aku senyum
walau aku gembira
hati sedih pasti tiada siapa sedar/tahu
cuma ingat lah
Allah sentiasa berada bersama
tapi ingat
kawan aku kata
kita buat baik jangan harap kan balasan
sebab jika kita berharap
pasti hampa.
tapi sebagai manusia
tidakkah engkau
pernah terdetik sebegini :
kenapa aku buat baik,tapi orang tak buat baik dgn kita (?)

We are humans.of course we will think whether is it worth it to care about other people as they don't even realise our intention?


Monday, June 6, 2011


So,last weekend my family and I went to Kemaman to visit my mother's grave.when we were there,i don't know why but being there makes me wanna write a blog back.It suddenly gave me inspiration to write back.hee.So here am i now.A lot has changed since we went there last year.The 'Surau' beside the grave has not been used anymore and people who lived nearby has moved.I'm sure 10 years later,the grave too will be abandoned just like that.

(my father)

(the road in front of mother's grave)

It was quite a tiring journey as we had to travel to Kelantan after that.All I did in the car was sleeping until we reached there.Lifeless.heh.Lots of my cousins were going back to Kelantan too and of course we had lots of fun.hehehehe.with me being the driver.muahahahha.

Lots of things happened during these two weeks.People's death,accidents,some random blog saying they're not 'dara' anymore,PMS,dealing with friends,inilah,itulh.Hoping that things wil get better ye guys.



yes,i'm back guys.

There's no more the old blog that is shifted here and I will update about things happen in my life's nearly half a year I didn't write because of some stupid accident happened.Still,don't look back guys.So,if you guys don't have nothing to do,feel free to visit my new brand blog.