Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Goldwonder

So, this date was way back almost 3 weeks ago. But still, I have to blog about it because it's a rare occasion and I'm glad we gathered like this. It was actually a plan between me and Sheila at first. Both of us were hunting for some good places to eat and still going on now. Hehe. I don't know why but I tend to eat delicious food this long holiday. Knowing that Fera and Bay were on their holiday too,we asked them to tag along with us.

The initial plan was to rent a car for us to stroll around KL. Then, we took the bus to go to Shah Alam and uh - ohh, Thara came with her stylish car and pick us up. All of us were so shocked especially me for the surprise. We were so happy to see her and joined us for the day. So , here we are with the macho driver, T. :D

Macho Driver, T

The first place that we went was Gold Chilli. It's actually our first time here but Fera has been there for countless time. I always heard about the restaurant saying that the buttered chicken was delicious and I have to admit it, +100000. Hahahaha. Too bad it does not suite with Thara's appetite. I am so going there againn just to have that buttered chicken. Omnononomz.

Thara, Fera and Sheila

After that, we went to Yuna's store, iamjetfuelshop. The clothes were not bad and some of them catched my eyes, of course. I bought a shawl for my little brother. He wanted to give it to his girlfriend. *facepalm. If I have extra money, I would buy a skirt there. "-_-. Then, we went to buttonmybuttons boutique downstairs. The baju kurung was.... I don't know. Maybe some of you can accept the designs and some of you can't. For me, it is not very suitable for normal people like us unless you are artist, anak datuk or some kind of rich heiress. But, I am totally fallen in love with their acessories. I am so gonna go again to these two boutiques to grab some modern clothes and accessories for Raya.  :)

iamfueljet's Shawl

Around 3pm, we went to +Wondermilk Cafe. It's the main attraction for that day. We bought all kinds of cupcakes and the Lola cake. We did our little photoshoot there. Luckily there weren't lots of people at that time. We did our catch-up there and gossiped about all things. It's nice for us to hang like this. It is more special because we were in some kind of gang when we were in school. Knowing that we will always be with each other no matter we are, the feeling is just...... NICE!As we get crazier, I finished all my instax films there. Hahahaha.

Mini photoshoot

+Wondermilk Cafe

Cupcakes and Lola cake

ze polaroids

We went our separate ways around 6pm. I followed Thara back to INTEC because I took a bus to go back to Seremban. Although it was a short time, I met Faezah for a little bit while waiting for my bus. I always ROFL when I met Faezah.:D

So, I gues this is the end, Adios

Friday, June 15, 2012

Luncheon at Nana's

 Hye hye hye everyone! It's been a while right? Lately, I've been going out with lots of Gregs. And it feels like reunion everytime we met each other. It's because a whole bunch of us gathered together and I like it. :) So, the first gathering was Luncheon at Nana's. Well, when she got back from US, it's like a must where all of us gathered together just to catch up what's been going on with our lives. Lots of people came to Nana's house and I'm like her PA spreading words to people to come to her house. *perasan lebih

There were 12 of the girls came. Some from Shah Alam, Subang, Kuala Lumpur and Seremban of course. Feyna, Ziha, Alfa, Maya, Kelly and Fit were in one car while Ammarah, Put, and Sheila took the KTM to reach Seremban. Bay came a little bit late with her sister. Me and Thara just came by our own because we're in town bebeh. Nana's mom cooked my favorite all-time meal which was Mihun Goreng. Nyummzzz. There were also other food besides that.

We talked about lots of stuff, catching up here and there. Some of us have never met since the school was over. And the best part is Bay from Jordan also were here and it's like a one go where we can meet both of them in Malaysia just at one place. We were really having fun that time.

There's always a routine everytime we gathered together. A photoshoot indeed! We took our pictures inside and outside of the house. And there were two big cameras capturing our pictures. We were feeling like retis. Thanks to Bay's sister for being our photographer that day. By the way, there was one incident happened during the photoshoot. But, I'd rather just keep my mouth shut because it's about girls problem. Haha. I am so ashamed with the incident. Zzzzz

Anyway, thanks to these awesome people for entertaining my boring life on that day. Hope we can gather like this again! :)


Sunday, June 3, 2012


The prank. You assumed, and you got so angered by your own thoughts. And then you lash it out at me. Unknowingly you blame me. It's sad to know how little trust I have from you guys.

The incident. Of course it got into me a little bit. You know that I would definitely be there for you guys. If any of you guys were to face the same thing, no matter what, I'll be there. Of course it hurts. I guess maybe that's my problem. I'm always the one who cares more and I thought what we had was forever. But then, even one simple test, and we all failed. Us, our friendship failed. Aren't we suppose to be there for each other. For better or for worse right?

When I open up to you guys, I was really hoping that you will understand me and know I really need a support here. Hmmm, there comes a point when I realize that there's no use fighting for a friendship if I'm the only one that fights for it. I just want to cherish every second that we have, you know. Before you guys really leave. Don't take people for granted, eventually people get tired. A note to myself.