Monday, October 31, 2011


So,I just woke up from my long sleep since this morning.And I caught a fever now.It is so random because the fever just came to me yesterday's morning out of nowhere.On Saturday,I went out the whole day and seemed like I will not sick.Yeah,I went to the ChicPop event at JayaOne.Only managed to buy an only skirt."-_-.It's all because I don't have money to buy lots of them.I was so frustrated at that time.

I didn't even go to the class today.And how am I gonna take a bath because it's freaking cold here in Shah Alam!!I can't even get out of my bed.With no food,no medicine and no other else.At this point of time,all the food has finished and there's nothing left.Danng!Please make the fever go awayyyy.I want to go to the class tomorrow.And you know what,I am craving for Barra's tomyam right now.Seriously,I want it so badlyyy.The craviness became stronger after I caught a fever.In case you do not know what Barra is,it's actually a mamak restaurant located at Seksyen 7,Shah Alam.I'm dying for BARRA'S TOMYAM!If I could fly right now,I will be already gone there.In Malay word,it wil be called sangap.Barra's tomyam,lai lai lai."-_-

p/s:See,I'm really dying for Barra's tomyam right nowwww


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Secret Life Of Mya

So guys,I would like to say that this weekend was hell of fun! :D:D:D.Our schedule was full from Friday until Sunday.The weekend was so awesome until I feel that my whole body really exhausted but it's still a good weekend.On Friday,we started our fun time with me and Zuley going to Low Yat to buy Zuley's girlfriend.Meet Baby,his love of life!Hahahahaha.I also bought a pair of killer heels for the theatre!:) The heels were so gorgeous and I like it very much.It'll be the perfection for my outfit!Then,Meon picked us at Pavillion and fetch Nina and Dilin at Shah Alam to INTEC to meet my friends and watch the theathre.Sadly,we went there too late because there was a traffic jam."-_______-

When we reached INTEC,there's already Farie waiting for us and led us to the theathre.I was so happy to meet Faizah,Lina,Kelly and Farie.We were chatting like we haven't met for ages.And they can mingle along with Zuley,Nina,Dilin and Meon too.It's like I'm combining both worlds to get along together.Me very liking it so much.Oh yess,Dilin met a new girlfriend too,Faizah my friend.Hahahaha.Both of them are totally different and still can be an item.(It's just a joke).We took some pictures and straight away went to the BIG EVENT of that day,LASER TAG!yeyeyeyeh

New Couple In Town

Combination of both worlds :)

We went to I-City to play the Laser Tag.Hehehehe.But,Zuley had to go back to TBP to fetch Paah,Che Ah and Alis.When all of us were there,we were divided into two teams.Red Team :Meon,Che Ah,Paah,Dilin.Blue Team :Zuley,Alis,Nina and me.The game only lasted for 10 minutes but believe me it was so tiring.It only costs RM12 per person but it was worth it.We lost to Red Team but I am one of the most accurate one.Mya The Sniper is born there!Hahahahah.You guys should go there and try that thing.It's like Paintball but cheaper.After that,we went to Barra to fulfill our empty stomach.It was nice to go out with lots of people sometimes.With Alis here,it was hell lot of fun.Pity Meon because he caught a fever that night.So,,he did not talk a lot like usual.:D We ended the night with me,Dilin and Nina went to Alis's house to eat free spaggheti!Niceee

On the next morning,JAD had organised an explorace at Bukit Cerakah,Shah Alam.And I won third place!yeyeyeyeh.It was lot of fun and we should do it again.Not the explorace,but the Skytrex.Thanks a lot to my groupmates for not blaming for my lateness.Hee.I am not tough aq you guys.Hehehe.And,the BIG EVENT of the day was the Secret Life Of Nora theatre!All of us wore beautiful and handsome outfit for the night.We realy couldn't wait for the night.:D But before the theathre,we went to Tasik Titiwangsa first because we arrived there too early.We really can't wait I guess.And of course we took some pictures there.Later around 8:00 pm,we entered Istana Budaya and the moment had came.The show is onnn! I rate the theathre 5 starss!The actors,songs,outfits,sound system are fabulous and perfect.Maybe it's just the storyline maybe a little bit simple.Nevertheless,we should be proud of our product,which almost the same as Broadway!Oh yess,I met my boyfriend there too.His nickname=SHAWIFF.His real name=Aaron Khaled :D:D:D.He is so handsome and makes me melt.TROLOLOLOLOL!Later that night,we went to Rasta,TTDI to hang together and chit-chatting.

Tasik Titiwangsa

Meet my boyfie,Aaron Khaled

Gorgeous people

When I thought there was no more plans,Meon suddenly called around 10.30 am the next morning.He wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid and asked us to tag along.So,here we were at Sunway Pyramid.We just crashed there and accompany Meon bought birthday presents for his little sister.And another unplanned things on our minds.It's the Big Bad Wolf book fair,the biggest sale ever in Malaysia.When me and Nina thought we'll never go there,there's a kind Meon willing to send us there.And a gentleman Zuley accompanied us all the way through the day!Thanks a lot guys.:) Sorry to Dilin for not asking you to tag along with us.There was a little bit of misunderstanding at that time.So sorry Dilin :( I tell you what.The hard cover and thick books only cost RM8.Do you believe it?It was so cheap an d I feel like I want to buy all the books there but only bought 5.T_T.I didn't have enough cash at that time.Never mind,it's good enought to clear my rusty mind :D:D:D:D Then,we went back home by lazy bump KTM.

Seriously guys,you should watch The Secret Life Of Nora.It was so good and sometimes you chould try something new like watching theathre.Not only movies.Even though the weekend passed by so fast,I am so happy thanks to you guys that make it happen.We should have a nice weekend like this next time when we have money.Hehehehehe.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Hey guys!I don't know what am I gonna writing here.It's just a blurry post.So,today was not a very good day.I was not in a very good mood.Maybe because my time is coming.You know what,right?Me just got back home from our PE.Yes,PHYSICAL EDUCATION class.I am a university student but I still have a PE class like school kids."-_-

Why I am having a mood swing?Why,huh?I also don't know why.Sometimes,I also cannot predict myself because the mood swing can come anytime.Yeah,I can be a very annoying or a cranky little bitch.And I kinda look like a little bit desperate for attention."-_-.I know it's all wrong.But,what to do?I want to change myself but seriously it's hard.Maybe there was something that trigger me or whatever.I know I always make it hard for other people.You are a bad girl,Mya!Sorry for those who feels annoyed at me.T_T

Okay guys,you can just ignore this post.Hahaha.It's me who is trying to cheer up a little bit.Haha.Don't worry,this post is not meant to anyone.Oh yess,this Friday we're gonna play Laser Tag and on Saturday we're gonna watch Secret Life Of Nora.Hehehehehe.Really can't wait for that weekend to come :)


Monday, October 10, 2011

The End!

Ini masanya untuk berpijak di bumi yang nyata.CUTI DAH ABESSS!"-_-.How I wish I don't have to go back to Shah Alam.Me don't want this to end.tsk tsk tsk.On our very last day,we seriously headed back very early in the morning.It's because we had to rush to send the car back to the owner.We went back to Shah Alam around 7.30am I think.Early,right?And yess we didn't even watch the sunrise.We were too rushed that morning.

When we had arrived KL,we went to Istana Budaya first to buy our tickets for the Secret Life Of Nora teater.:):):)After that,we straight away rushed to Sentul.And the bumper problem did not end very well.Hmm.Later,we went to my aunt's house in Puchong.She asked us to go there to hang out at her house.We chilled there until the next day.It was so nice!

At night,we karaoke at her house and watched movie with my little cousins.We did not manage to swim because everybody was exhausted.Auntie Sap made us lots of food too.On the next day,we went back to beloved TBP around 12pm.It's sad the holiday had ended.But,every beginning has its ending.T_T

The karaoke room

Making drinks for them

Thanks to Papa,Auntie Sap,my friends,Uncle Selva and those who are indirectly involved.Thanks a lot.Without you guys,this holiday will never happened!We'll make a much fun holiday after this,yea?!!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

5th Day

Hye again!I know you guys are getting bored of this but patience is really needed guys.There's only two days left.Hahahaha.Our main objective of this trip is finally fullfilled on this very bright and sunny day.This is the day we went to Gambang to play water at the theme park!!Yeyeyeeh.:D:D:D.We went there around 10am of course by Starex :)When we arrived there,we straight away enter the theme park and really couldn't wait to try all the games.Hehehehe.So far,the theme park was the same with other theme parks and it is still in building mode.There are more games coming soon.We played like crazy kids and did not care about other people.And I didn't really know that playing in the wave pool was so much fun with friends!I used to think that was lame enough.It just the wave by the way but hell yeah it was sooo fun!Zuley played at the centre of the pool and acting like a cowboy.He didn't even bother to care about other people.Apek and Dilin always pull us to the centre like Orang Laut already.Paah really looked like a little kid playing around.Huehuehuehue.

We finished playing there around 3pm and yess our face wsas burnt badly especially ME!Me looks like a burnt frying egg."-_-.Annoying.This is all because we didn't put the lotion.Then,we went to eat at Dilin's neighbour's restaurant.I didn't even know what the taste like because I was damn exhausted.Zzzzz.We went back to Kemaman after that.

Around 6.00pm we went out again and this time to eat Terengganu's delicacies.Me,Dilin and Apek became the tour guides and introduced them the keropok lekor,satar,otak-otak and sotong goreng tepung.We ate near the beach and the breeze of the wind makes us feel nice and cozy.We tried to watch the sunset but Zuley and Dilin brought us to the wrong place.Aiyoyo."-_-.We didn't have a chance.

At night,we went to Tanjung Lumpur to eat seafood again.But,this time was Malay style.Thanks to Najwa for introducing a good restaurant for us.The food was quite nice but the place was not as I expected.I thought that Tg. Lumpur was like Umbai,Melaka.They actually was only beside the road.Never mind as long as the food is good.We sent Dilin home after the dinner.It's time for him to leave us.Sobs.T_T

When we're on our way back to Kemaman,there's another incident happened.There was a road block near Berenjut and we didn't put on our P sticker.At that time,Zuley was driving and we're busted.Zuley had to be called to the side and he paid rm10 to the cops.That was the first time I'm seeing bribery happened in front of my both eyes.Even though the amout was small enough,I still think that was too bad.Yeah,we're wrong but don't you know that we're students.Haih.

Later that night,we chatted a little bit because that was our last night in Kemaman.I really didn't want this holiday to end.Hahahha.Then,we straight away went to sleep with the hope that we can wake up to see the sunrise.


4th Day

Hye guys.It's another post about the trip :D :D:D.So,on this very morning,we woke up quite late because we just wanted to relax for the day.Zuley and Dilin bought us Roti Canai for breakfast at my Aunt's house.That afternoon,we headed to Kuantan to eat free food again at Dilin's house.Poor Dilin because he caught a fever on that day.His mother cooked us Ayam Masak Merah and other dishes.And surprisingly,all of his family loves Korean songs so much.Even if we changed the channel his little sister will change it back to the Korean channel."-_-.

Paah playing with Dilin's little sister

After that,we went to East Coast Mall,the biggest shopping complex at Kuantan.We watched Bini-Biniku Gangster because there's no other movie left for us to watch.But,never mind.We should support our local movies,right?After watched the movie,I was having a little bit regret.The ending was not so good and the story line really did not suit my taste.It's just so wrong.Hmmmm.

Around 6 o'clock,we went to Teluk Chempedak.Yeyeyeyeh.It's the beachhhh.We played there a little bit.We took lots of pictures and the boys were b-boying.We jumped a lot too.Really loved the scenery there:D.Then,we went back to Kemaman to relax for a while and get back on the track that night :)And there was a small incident happened when we're on our way back.While Apek was driving,he wanted to to potong the car in front us and Apek was using the left lane and the car got pissed of.Not only he played the light and honk at us,he praked his car horizontally right in front us.Don't you know that all the cars were speeding at that time!So,Apek was mad and he sped up and passing the car just like that.We're like in the scene of the movie where there were run-and-chase scene.It's scary man!Luckily,we managed to escaped from that crazy car.fuhh

After having enough relax and sleep,we went to eat Seafood at Tong Juan restaurant.It reminisced me of my family because we always eat there when we came to Kemaman.And yeah,it's the first meal that we had to pay by ourselves.Believe me,it's expensive.:-O Well,bila lagi boleh makan sedap macam tu,kan?I introduced them the stuffed crab that only available in Kemaman.It's a pity only Zuley likes the food.Hahahaa.At least they already know what it tastes like.

A nice scene in Teluk Cempedak

Then,we went to see the turtle laid their eggs.But,before waiting for the tour guide,Pak Su,we played like a little kids at the park near the Teluk Mak Nik beach besides my aunt's house.It's been a long time I played the swings and the slides.Hahahaha.When we wanted to watch the turtle,we had to stroll along the beach like 30km from the main land."-_-.Luckily,it's worth it.We saw three big turtles laid their eggs!We also can release the baby turtles to the sea :D:D:D They were so cute.Oh yeah,we managed to see the turtle cried too.awwwww.There was a loving couple who joined the tour with us.I think they are newlyweds because they behave like one.:)

While waiting for Pak Su to come

The cute little turtles :)

It was so tiring watching the turtles but a worth experience.And guys,DO NOT EAT TURTLES' EGG ANYMORE!You're harming the nature!You guys should watch the turtle if you come to Terengganu.It only costs RM30 per person if you're a student.Can call me if you want to go there.I'll give you the detail.After that,we straight away went home and slept until the next morning.:)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Third Day!


Here comes the third day of the trip!It's the day we went to Terengganu.So,we moved our butts around 9am in the morning.We had to rush a little bit because we were going to meet Maya :D:D:D At first,it was Apek who drove the car until Segamat,I think.Along the way,Zuley became the tour guide and told us the story of his life in Segamat back those years.Hahahaha.The journey was so long because as you know guys,we're from Johor to Terengganu.We also met the soldiers' 'kereta perang' along the way.Really don't know what the car is called.When we reached Kuantan,it was Zuley who drove the car.

So,we reached Kuala Terengganu around 4.30 pm.Fast,isn't it?Considering us who was expected to be late arriving there.We straight away headed to Maya's house which is so fabulous and dream-like!!His house was so beautiful and looks very peaceful.Since we hadn't eat anything from morning,we loaded our stomach with Terengganu's food.We hanged there until 7:00pm and took some pictures there.Oh yeah,poor Maya.He's having chicken pox right now.Get well soon!

Maya's house

Then,we moved on with our next plan a.k.a celebrating Paa's birthday!We were supposed to celebrate it at the beach but KT was raining badly and we couldn't even see the Masjid Kristal when we went for sightseeing.At last,we went to the Secret Recipe.And yesss,the plan worked successfully.She didn't even know about our plan.She seemed happy and enjoyed the night.We gave a purse for her birthday present :)

The Birthday Girl

After that,we went to Wafa's house.Hohohoho.Her brother seemed more handsome than before.We also met her parents who just got back from London.Sorry Uncle and Auntie for interrupting you.We hanged there just for a short time because we had to go back to Kemaman,the place that we stayed.But,before that we sent Maya off first at Chendering.His rent house was so big.The hous was not like students's house."-_-

Later,once again Apek drove us back to Kemaman.It took us 2 hours to reach there.Thanks to Auntie Sap for lending her hous a the beach.Me very liking the house.The house was big and spacious enough for us.When we reached there,we cleaned the house a little bit and straight away slept to regain our energy!

p/s:I really like my outfit on this day.Hehehehe.


Thursday, October 6, 2011


So,here comes the second day!We started our day with morning breakfast at Zuley's house.Not very morning actually."-_-.The boys were so lazy to take their bath and they were cranky like kids.hahahaha.When everything was done,we went to beraya.Hehehehehehe.First,we went to Cukam's house and he bought us some pizza.And we watched Johny English there too.Oh yeah,Zuley's cousin followed us since he had to send his cousin home afterwards.We got Duit Raya!Yuhuuu.Even though we're all grown up,we still got the money.And me very liking it.Muhehehehe

Cukam's house

Duit Raya yeyeyeh

After that,we went to Paah's house to take her along with us.Before that,we dropped by to eat free lunch cooked by her mother.And I forgot to tell you all that their moms are so pretty.It's like Perempuan Melayu Terakhir :D She cooked us chicken rice and we met Paah's little brother.He was so genduttt.Apek and Nina played a lot with that kiddo.Then,we headed to different place already.

Paah's gendutt Brother

We sent Zuley's cousin back to Gelang Patah and jalan-jalan at Kota Iskandar and Nusajaya.It's like Putrajaya wannabe but still lots of hole there because they are still in the process of building the new territory.They are lot greener than Putrajaya though and we passed by my school too.Me suddenly reminisced all the memories ;).We had ABC and Otak-Otak Kempas for our hi-tea.:)The Abc is so much better than Fradoo ABC.Seriously.

Later,we went to Zuley's grandmother house at Kg. Majidie.We hanged there before having our dinner with Zuley's father.The whole day was all about eating free food!!From morning to the end of the day.Hahahaha.We had our dinner at Hutan Bandar with Zuley's family.The chicken chop was so cheap.It only costs RM5 per plate.And it's quite good too!I ate the Lamb Chop.A little bit different than others :)

And the best part of the day was this one.We went to the FUNFAIR!yeyeyeyeh,.That was the first time I went to the funfair since I was born in this world.Lame,is it?Yeah,I know but who cares!I was really having fun on that night.But,the prica was a little bit expensive.I think so.At first,we thought to enter the Haunted House but the price was RM10 person.I don't think that was worth it.So,we played the Buaian.It's like at Genting Highland but way higher and scarier.We were screaming like ghosts already.And we played Challenger.It's like the thing that goes up and down in rotation.The funny part was when Zuley were screaming "Tak tahan lagi dah,aku nak turun aku dah tak boleh dah ni.Dah nak muntah dah ni."And he screamed very loud I tell you.Hahahaha.When we got off from that game,everyone like mabuk-mabuk already.Paah played the bumper car too.There were a group of Mak Nyah played that game and believe me it was hillarious when they screamed.Their outfit beat us but their voice was.......Ahahahahha.HILARIOUS!

When you thought the night was over,it's not over yet!We went to Pasar Karat in the middle of the town.We walked along the bazaar and bought Paah's birthday present.We had drink too!Then,we went home and straight away slept through the night.It was a tiring day but fun fun fun :D :D:D.


First Day Of The Trip

So,the holiday started on last Saturday which was the whole one week!Yuhuuu.We just had our raya holiday and now another holiday after finished our short semester.On the very first day of the trip,we went to Johor Bharu!!Why did we go there?It's because Mr. Zuley here had a kenduri for his brand new house.The house was comfy enough and the design is good too!And we brought the Starex that has sacrificed for us since our last road trip :D

The day started at 3:00 pm with 6 people on the car.We had to go to Semenyih first to fetch Miss Nina there as she went to her friend's open house,Teen's.And yes I tell you,Semenyih was quite a distance and there's a lot of tol too."-__-.Luckily we got free food there.Muhehehehehe.The house was soooooooo big and it's the only mansion around the area.fuhhh

Then,we straight away headed to JB and Apek's driving the whole journey.It seemed like our journey was smooth enough but it was not.I repeat,IT WAS NOT SMOOTH.While we're on our way,suddenly the bumper behind fall off.And why the heck the bumper suddenly became cranky at that time?"-_-.Maybe it was our fault for driving it too fast because it was already cracked.We really didn't know what to do and had to stop for a while at Ayer Keroh's R&R."-_-.We called my father and he said we should go to the petrol station and ask them for help.

Luckily,God was kind enough and gave us some kind-hearted guys to help us regarding the bumper.It's the Banglas at the station.After this,I swear to God I will not hate the Banglas anymore.Can you imagine?The tauke at the station said they don't have to help us because it will only waste their time and they will not get money at all.What the heck?Malaysians were supposed to help Malaysians.Not Banglas help Malaysians.This is what we should ashamed of.Even though the tauke did not pay the Banglas' salary,he still helped us to fix the bumper.Thank you so much,Banglas. :)We gave him some money to payback his salary on that day.

After that,we rushed to JB!We reached there around 10:00pm and straight away headed to Zuley's brand new house.Huehuehuehue.There were already lots of people and we're one of those who came late.Well,there's a lil bit of accident back there.We ate dinner there and later sent Paa and Cukam home.On that night,we were gossiping and talked until 3 in the morning.The boys were like girls gossipping tak abes-abes.Hahahahaha.

The arrival of US

So,that's all for the first day of our trip!



Hello,guys.It's been nearly a month I guess I didn't post anything on this blog.Well well well,I've been busy and lots of things had happened during this time.I don't bother and don't even care.So,there's a lot of things to catch up and I will write all of them on this blog if I am rajin enough to write all these things.Hehehehehehe.

So,do catch me up and promote my blog y'all.Ahahaha.Do I look desperate?Yes,it is.But who cares anyway?I can write whatever I want.And yeah the next post will be long one because it's about my trip during our holiday :D:D:D:D:D:D.Me liking it so muchh.But,for now I've got to kiss goodbye first.Bubyeee