Monday, July 25, 2011


Pabila results dah kuar,mulalah aku dengan kemurungan aku yang akan berpanjangan 1 malam.Memikirkan apalah nasib aku yang akan datang.Adakah aku akan boleh kekal di sini?Atau tidak?Hidup aku bagai telur di hujung tanduk.Tak pernah nak konsisten mahupun tenang.Bila dah tenang,mulalah masalah datang satu-persatu.

Results aku teruk dan membuatkan aku rasa down.Macam sia-sia effort aku untuk exam hari tu.Jadual tidur aku yang tak menentu,puasa entertainment aku,dan benda-benda yang lain aku ubah khas untuk exam ni semua macam sia-sia.Aku rasa macam buat apa aku struggle?Last-last teruk jugak.Jujur tulus dari hati aku rasa sangat tidak berguna dan aku rasa macam tak sesuai dengan tempat ni.Ye,aku selamat daripada dissmissed.Tapi kalau result aku macam ni je boleh ke aku bawak diri aku sampai Jepun?Boleh ke aku survive?Seriously aku rasa sangat down,rasa tidak berguna rasa macam useless untuk everything.So,apa aku perlu buat sekarang sebab aku dah buntu memikirkan masalah ini daripada tadi?

Oh Tuhan,tolonglah aku untuk survive dalam JAD ini.Aku rasa useless sebab tak boleh nak cope dengan rakan-rakanku yang lain.Mereka semua cemerlang dengan seadanya.Aku rasa malu dan rasa tidak setaraf dengan mereka.Tolonglah aku supaya aku sampai ke Jepun.Aminnnn.Aku rasa macam tak tahu mana nak letak muka dengan results yang macam taik tu.Dah sah-sahlah aku mesti kena bottom 10 kalau bilangan A aku hanya dua ketul .hmmmm


Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's Day 2 and we headed to Padang Besar,Perlis early in the morning so that we can keep up with the schedule.hee.When we reached there,it's nearly 10.00 a.m. and most of the stores still did not open yet.We had our breakfast ala-ala siamese style because we were at the border of Thailand y'all!Then,we shopped our things there.There were lots of cheap stuff there from jerseys to little kids' clothes.The kids' clothes were so adorable!I bought a t- shirt for my brother but nothing to me.I also don't know why.Mr. Zuley here bought a lot of things for his family.Jerseyslah,pantslah,macam-macam.haha.We settled down around 12.00 pm and moved to the next destination.
(Having breakfast at Padang Besar)
Before we headed to Penang,we went to Kangar to find mechanic for our car.The car's air condition was bad.It was not functioning and we're like fried eggs in the car."-__-.It was so hot that I could not stand any more.The mechanic said that the gas was leaked and it was a BIG one!!so,we had to fill in the gas and paid rm40 for that thing."-_-After that we went to Penang.

Finally,we reached there around 4.00 p.m.We crossed the Penang Sea by riding a ferry.There's a noob called Zuley who didn't know that cars can get into the ferry.HAHAHAHA.LAME!Congratulations to you foy your first time riding one!hahahaha.When we reached the island,we went to NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR for our lunch.yummie yummie.It was so good I've been craving it for a long time.hehehe.It was so good.
(On the Penang Ferry)

(Nasi Kandar Line Clear)

Then,we went to our homestay that was bad as FLAT 3A the movie.Omigod.I don't even know how to describe.The toilet was scary and the rooms were not like in the internet."-__-.So,we decided to get out from the homestay.We rushed to the Bon Odori but we didn't get there on time because of the traffic jam.Sorry guys!If I didn't insist to change the clothes maybe we could have made it.sorry ye.:(At that night too,we went to Hard Rock Hotel to feel the glimpse of glam.:D:D:D We took lots of pictures and had our berry berry there.heheehe.We also went to the Batu Ferringghi Beach to ambil angin for a while.We hanged there until 2.30 a.m.

(On our way to Bon Odori)

After that,we went to the"Secret Place"to rest our head for a while.Aiyooo.A place to sleep was also a big problem to find.haih.But never mind.We could sleep that night even though it's only couple of hours.This problem of course we have to thank to Mr. Meon for giving us a place to stay.:D:D:D:DSo,Day 3 will be posted soon!



So,how should I start this entry?

Before the road trip started,I went to watch Harry Potter with Zuley,Dilin,Nina,Che Ah and Paah.Then,we were supposed to pick up Meon at the Pudu Station.We waited until 2 a.m but still there was no sight of him at all.*sigh*.We called him and told him that we would wait at the Shah Alam station.I felt like we were super heroes that night because we nearly didn't sleep at all."-_-While waiting for Meon arrived Shah Alam,I packed my things for the road-trip and only slept for 1/2 hour.At 3.40a.m me and Zuley fetched Meon at the Shah Alam station and we dyed our hair together at my house that night.Crazy right?We didn't even bother to sleep.Around 6.30 a.m we picked Maya and Cik Tiqz up at the Shah Alam station.Now all the people were here to start the Road Trip :D

As usual,Malays can never be on time.heh.Estimated time was supposed to be 8.00 a.m but we're ready to go around 8.30 a.m.At that time,Nina had just woke up."-_-.In order to save the time,we went to our college first to send that stupid Line Tracer Report.After that,we went back to TBP and fetched Nina.So,here we go now to North with our beloved STAREX!:D:D:D:D

During our journey,we had our breakfast #likeaboss.We ate MCDONALDS in our car.Luckily the car was big enough and we can eat,sleep,play as we want.:D:D:D.We also had some sleep along the way.Around 11.30 a.m,we reached BUKIT TINGGI.The air was breezy and chilling.heheheheh.First,we visited the Japanese Village and had some camwhoring.Then,we went to the Colmar Tropicale.We had to pay in order to enter that property."-_-It used to be free when I was a little kid.But,never mind.We had fun up there.Ohh they have the white swan and black swan up there.I thought that the black swan is much more beautiful and elegant.The white swan was so naughty.I'm not really liking it.hee.
(The Japanese Village)

(Colmar Tropicale)

(The White Swan)

After that,we went straight to Kedah.It was a long journey though.We stopped at Tapah R&R area to have some lunch and reached Kedah around 8.30 p.m.There was one joke story here.The hotel that we booked was terrible and I cannot even breathe there.It was so dirty and the place was like for hookers or wtv suits for the room.We had no other way than find a homestay.Luckily,there was a homestay that we found on the internet and it was AVAILABLE!!.fuhh.

Later that night,we went to watch TRANSFORMERS.Sadly,only Nina and Cik Tiqz were up.heh.We were so worn out and just slept during the movie.It was such a waste but never mind.hee.Then,we went back to the homestay and slept to get ready for the next day. :) Day 2 and Day 3 will be posted soon!





Sunday, July 10, 2011


ROAD TRIP.The journey will begin in less than one week.But,before we can go for a road-trip,we have another three torturing days left which are our exam days.duhh.let the days pass by faster.I don't have the right mood to study at all this my friends are already tweeting about the road-trip.I've also imagine what will be when we're in the car,were reaching there and so on.Really can't wait for that day to come.

There's thing that we,JAD students were wayyyy behind other people.Watching TRANSFORMERS!The movie's already in the cinema like 2 weeks and we still haven't watch it yet.lame."-__-.This is all because of our exams.huh.If not,I will be the first one to watch it,you kno.It's like my favourite movie all of time man!And there's another movie that we have to watch.HARRY POTTER!Luckily,there's Fera to help us buying the tickets.I don't think we manage to watch the movie if we don't buy the tickets earlier.Oh yes,we'll be watching the movie in Pavillion,just so you know.haha.hambar.

What am I going to bring and buying for this holiday?
1. a pair of sunglasses.(it's a must since it's summer now!hahha)
2.maybe a long dress (no.1 item)
4. shorts
5.a present for my father for helping us so much. :)
6. polaroid camera
7.DSLR camera
That's all I can think now.

Then,there's some things that I have been craving for so long.
1.Jeremy Scott Ballerinas
2.Jeremy Scott Leopard Sneakers(it's new guys comes with the tail)
3.Bubba Gum Gelato Ice-Cream
4.Topshop Handbag.
Duhh.When can I get all these things now.Give me money bebeh."-_-aiyooo.Maybe I'll be getting these after exam.Let's hope luck will come to me and when I ask my father for these items I can get them.Hee.

Till then guys.Tons of books,papers and questions to read and do for this exam.Wish me luck and pray for me okay?hehehe.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Who's following me on twitter should know that i'm in the middle of having an exam now.Still,I wanna write this entry because it keeps bothering me since yesterday.So,yesterday after I went back home after taking the exam,suddenly someone said to me that the person accused me I talked bad about him in front of other people.I was dumbfounded because when i reminisced back the past,I did not remember that I talked bad about that person.The other person hell yeah I was talking bad about him because he deserves it.The person that accused me called me "MULUT BUSUK".Okay!I accepted it with my open heart."-_-

Truthfully,I'm sad and disappointed you accused and called me like that.Please ask me first whether it's true or not.If it's true,I'm not scared to admit and I'm willing to ask apologize from you.I thought that we can still smile or just say hye to each other even though after what's happened between us since long ago.But now,I don't think so.I don't think I can accept you called me like that. This situation now actually is really disturbing me.One thing,why you attacked me when I'm in the middle of exam?!!It will affect me a lot!

My condition right now is I am badly hurt,disappointed and lost.I fake myself everyday by laughing and act like nothing happen.I am not that strong.I think about what actually happened to all of us every time.I do miss the old times but everybody knows that will not happen again and I don't want too.I feel like I do not belong to the community here.Sometimes,it's better I just quit and join other universities that accept me just the way I am.I know everybody doesn't like me and faking themselves by talking to me and whatsoever.

But,there are a very few good people here that keeps me staying here.Thanks guys.I do believe you guys and I know it sounds poyo.hee.Thanks for always enduring my ragam and whatsoever.One thing,do bring me to an ice-cream shop!!!I've been craving it for THREE WEEKS!