Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Journey:Part 1

So guys!What were your activities last weekends?Well,my weekend was indeed a splendid one.My weekend was basically about wedding and jalan-jalan.Too many couples who gets married early nowadays.Maybe,it is a trend now huh?It's good actually but its too early for me to think about it now.Study must be my number one priority right now.Sounds nerdy,right?"-_-

The Passengers

So,this is part one of my journey.We headed to our journey around 12pm using the rental car.Luckily the price was affordable and cheap I guess.So,the driver no other than Apek,who drove all the way to the destination.Zuley was the co-driver of the day.Me,Nina and Dilin just became the passengers.Hehe.The traffic was quite heavy maybe it's because of the weekend.Along the way,we stopped by at the R&R to have a lunch and guess what?Dilin treated me a Baskin Robin ice-cream.Me was a happy kiddo. :D:D Finally after a long time deal,I got my ice-cream.Hehehe.Thanks Dilin.

Baskin Robin :)
We arrived there around 6pm.And now the driver had changed places.Well,it's Zuley's hometown.We went to Zuley's grandmother's house to meet his family and helped a little bit for his sister's pre-wedding.The pelamin looked modern and urban.While waiting for Zuley to fetch Maya at the bus station, me,Apek,Nina and Dilin helped setting up the bunga telur for 1000 ++ people.That was a massive number!And of course we managed to settle it all.

The Bridal Bed

After a while,here came Maya far away from Terengganu just to meet us and attend Zuley's sister's wedding.We haven't seen him for a long time.Then,we went to a seafood restaurant for a late dinner.Finally that night was a real food that I have longing for so long.And it's seafood,one of my favourite food!Zuley's sister joined us too for the dinner.Thanks to Zuley for treating us the delicious meal.Jeng jeng jeng.

And then,we went to karaoke as usual,our routine everywhere we go.Hahaha.There's a singer's soul in every one of us,maybe.The place was so beautiful and the room is big enough for us.It was Bali-like and the songs there were quite updated too.And here came along my birthday celebration,the 2nd one actually.Hehehe.You guys can read my previous post about my birthday yeah.

The last event of the day was Bazaar Karat which Maya and the others wanted to be dragons that night.We hanged there for a while and chat about some some stuffs.Dilin bought a new watch too that night.So,there goes the story of one day!


Monday, January 30, 2012

20th Birthday Celebration

Yuhuu guys!I'm 20 already!Can't believe I breath in this world for 20 years now.I hope that I can become a better person and be a matured person.And and and I can further my studies in Japan.Aminnn

So,this year's celebration is a little bit special as I've been celebrated twice.*thumbs up!The first one was the day of the birthday where my friends made a little gimmick bringing me to the Dataran Shah Alam.They bought a pizza and we just ate there and a birthday song.No pictures and birthday cake.Their gimmick worked out because I felt a little bit sad at that time.Hahaha.After that we went to Barra as usual.Thanks to Zuley,Apek,Nina,Adilin and Choy for that day and the gimmick worked out guys."-_- Hahaha

Then,the second celebration happened on 27th of January in the karaoke room when there was a little leaked-out-information.jeng jeng jeng.When I was busy with the karaoke there's a white lavender birthday cake came with two little cute candles and it's big!After that here came my lovely birthday present which is the Malaysia Jersey I have wanted to buy for so long!Hehehehe.I am a happy kid right now!The best part was that my jersey is so special because there's my name on it. :D But,maybe I was a little bit expressionless on that night.It was because of the long journey guys.Seriously!I was actually really touched,guys. :)

Malaysian jersey

Therefore,here goes my thank you speech.Thanks guys for making the event worked out.Thanks to Zuley,Nina,Dilin and Apek for buying me this jersey which I really wanted it so much.Thanks to Choy for lending them the car to go and buy the present.Thanks to Maya for coming here so far from Terengganu.Thanks to Zuley and Maya for choosing the cake.Dahlah Lavender,mahal kott.Thanks to all of you for spending lots of money to work this out.Thanks a lot guys.You guys have been there for me in a period of time already.Me iz really touched.Sorry if I was expressionless on that night.Thanks to other people too for wishing me.:)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Foster The People Concert

Happy New Years everyone!So,this is my first post for the year of Doomsday,2012.Seems a while,right?I have been busy and sorting out all these stuff.So ,my new resolution for this year is....ohhh I don't know.Hahaha.Well,I went to a big live concert to start my year!Sounds bitchy,right?

On 13th of January,me and Nina went to FOSTER THE PEOPLE CONCERT!!!!Do you guys know FTP?!!!It's FTP in the house!!!We've planned to go to this concert since the early of December.The venue was at KLCC Convention Centre and guess what,it was full house!At first,I kinda doubt whether this concert was really worth my money or not?They had only one album and already make a wold tour.That was brilliant as I've always heard a band will only tour around the world after a couple of sold out albums.

After all,it was worth my money.The frontman,Mark Foster was way too cool!He sang total of 12 songs non-stop and played the piano live with no signs of tired or exhausted.His voice was nice too singing live with no flaws at all!The stage was quite simple but I like it.It's just that they should make the stage higher so that we can see face of Mark Foster clearly.Too bad I cannot bring the camera inside."-_-.The security was quite tight and I could not sneakily bring in the camera.Luckily there was a girl who has the same fate as me and I put my camera at her car while the concert going on.

There was one thing that ruined the concert.The management was so teribble.They did not even divide the Party Zone and Regular Zone.It was fine with us as we bought the Regular Zone.Pity to those who bought the Party Zone ticket.At the very last minute,they only started to divide the zone but Epic Fail!The audience turned down the barrier and just pushed each other until to the front.Luckily me and Nina managed to stand quite in front after the whole pushing thing.Results of push and pull,my knee was swollen,I lost my new ring and I have been stepped on by the people.Zzzzz

So far,the concert was cool and it was worth the money.And I'm in love with Foster The People now!:D There will be lots of concerts actually this year but of course I would not go to all of the concerts.Hoping that One Direction will come here too.Hehehehehe