Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Amel's Goodbye

Last Saturday,we had a big event which was held at KLIA.Amel was going to fly on Saturday.At first,I'm hesitating whether I wanna go or not.It's because it's been a long time I didn't meet my schoolmates and there were lots of them there.I'm afraid whether the awkward moment will come between us.haha.Luckily there's no sign of awkwardness.I was so happy to meet them and we should gather like this more often guys.All my girls are already cun-melecun and vogue-vogue belaka.Suka I tengok.hehehehe.

So,the day started with lots of circumstances with suddenly no car to move and there was no ppl to pick up our phone about the car."-_-.Dugaan time puasa.haish.Luckily there were Mr. Zuley and Mr. Dilin to help me solving my car problem.They were not even sleeping the whole night on the day before and yet they helped me to solve this and that with addition on my emo that morning."-_-.sorry and thanks guys for helping me :D

After the problem had been solved,I picked up Phat at KTM Batu Tiga,Zihaho at her house and Kelly at INTEC.Three of them were so pretty.hhehehehe.Lama tak jumpa punya pasal.Then,we straight away headed to KLIA as time was quite running out for Amel to fly.When we reached there,there were lots of STFians waiting for us.It was seriously good to meet them all.It was like nearly 30 STFIans just to send Amel off.heheheeh.Missing them so much.Sekolah paling ramai beb kt KLIA tu.Dah macam kampung dah.Nearly 2pm,Amel entered the gate and say goodbye to Malaysia.Bye Amel.Take care of yourself there.Buy me a I LOVE NEW YORK t-shirt satu ye.hehehehe.

(Me,Najwa and Phat)

(Amel's crying before going in)

(Amel,the girl whos flying to US)

Then,me,Ziha,Phat,Intan,Kelly and Najwa rode our car and attended the Chic Pop Street at Jaya One.My eyes were drooling as there were lots of clothes that I wanted to buy and they are more prettiter than before.Wish I had tons of money."-_-.Still,I bought a turquoise coat.Hehehehe.Kelly and Ziha bought a scholl for Raya.All the way,Phat and Najwa always made some random jokes and we laughed non-stop.hahahhaha.reminiscing our old times and teasing Intan all the way.Me liking it very much.

(Chic Pop Street)

After that,we went to our Iftar Jamaie at Seoul Garden.The food was splendid and I got to meet Fida.She's my dormmate since we're in Form 1.She's already looked so sophisticated.Hehehehehhe.We talked a lot altogether and ate a lot too.The price of Seoul Garden quite expensive I tell you.It's 46 bucks for one person.But,never mind.As long I got to see my girls,it's all good.So far,the day was so fun and we should do it more often guys.How about after raya we make a big gathering?haha.I'll organise it later yea,y'all?

(Seoul Garden)

p/s:The people who were in KLIA and Seoul Garden were Intan,Umie,Kelly,Ziha,Ammarah, Alpha,Phat,Najwa,Feyna,Anis,Lemang,Farihah,Farie,Zizie,Ira,Teh,Hajar,Fitted,Hanis,Afie,Fida,
Amel and Atiq


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Rise Of The Apes

Today I will make a review about The Rise Of The Apes.What can I say about this story?Well,it's true what people say.The movie is much better than Transformer.It is good for all kind of aspects from story line to its CGI technology.It has a humanity value,care about other people and animals too.

The movie started with a scientist who desperately wants to find a cure Alzheimer disease a.k.a his father's disease.So,he tested all kinds of antibodies on the apes.One day,there's a newborn ape and the scientist brought him back home.So,he raise up the ape and called it Caesar.At first,it was so cute when it was a little baby.When he has grown big,I have to admit. he is really a scary creature.It was not only him but all of them."-_-.

(Caesar the ape)

The problem arises when the ape was being caught and caged by the government.At the same time,The scientist,James Franco managed to create a new antibody that will give a brilliant brain to the apes and humans.So,when the ape knew about the antibody,it took them and brought them to the place that it was caught.It distributed the antibody to all the apes and eventually the creatures became smarter and started to plan an escape.Then,James Francao's PA was dead because of the antibody.It was because human's system cannot withstand the antibody and thus die.

(James Franco)

After that,there was a war between the apes and the humans.During the war, lots of humanity value has been shown and I have to say it touched my heart.T_T.Caesar was so cute and it did not want to kill humans.This is all because of humans who were so hungry of money and fame.Lastly,Caesar went back to his clan and say goodbye to James.Still,they remain good with each other.sobs!!

Overall,I would give 4 1/2 over 5.It's a good story and I am highly recommend you guys to watch this movie.Even the reviews are good.So,I guess that's all for now.



Guys,I'm sure you know about the Teen Choice Awards,right?It has been held every year during the summer of the year.And this year it was aired live on last Sunday,06/08/2011.So,this year was not as lively as last year.The closing was very dull and bland.Nevertheless,I;m gonna give you guys a glimpse of the whole event!!

The host for the event is Kellie Coucou.She is in the 10 Rules of Dating My Teenage Daughter.Frankly speaking,she's a bit dull and Katy Perry last year was so much better than her.I can't really get her jokes and it was simply 'hambar'."-_-The event started with the casts of Vampire Diaries giving awards to Choice Movie Actor:Comedy.The award goes to Ashton Kutcher for Nor Strings Attached.His hair was long and he looked so messy.Where's his wife man,Demi Kutcher?hahahahha.

(Vampire Diaries Casts)

Then,here comes the performance by Selena Gomez for 'Love You Like A Love Song'.Oh My God!!!Her voice was terribly horror.She can't even sing live.When I though her voice was quite soothing to hear,it was all lie.It seems like my Demi Lovato is so much better than her."-_-.And yet all the audiences give her a standing ovation!I really don;t know what were they thinking.There was also performance from One Republic and it's obviously they were better!

And the artists' fashion was just okay.As you know,the event itself does not sound serious.Lots of the female artists wore summer dresses and they played safe.just simple and nice.The male artists also just put on some cool t-shirts and skinny pants.Only Zachary Levi shocked us a little bit.He wore a super short hot pants and his balls can be seen.hahahahahaha

(Zachary Levi)

So,there were a lot of winners on that night.Selena Gomez herself won 5 awards while Taylor Swift won the Ultimate Choice.Vampire Diaries won for TV Show Choice"Sci-FI Fantasy and Glee won for TV Show Choice:Comedy.The Choice Male Artist goes to Justin Bieber and Choice Female Artist goes to Demi Lovato.Choice Vampire goes to Robert Pattison.

(Glee Casts)

Overall,the event was just okay.There's nothing to expect more.I will just give 3 out of of five stars.I think that last year event was so much better though.Oh yeah,luckily my heartthrob came this year,my Joe Jonas.heheheheehhe.He's one of the reason I'm watching this.So,that's all for the review.

(My Heartthrob)


Sunday, August 7, 2011

So,guys.This is a brand new Adidas JS Bone Sneakers from Jeremy Scott.This will be my next collection.heheheeh.Maybe I have to let go the Tail Sneakers in order to puchase this.Sadly,it's not in Malaysia yet.But,no to worry.There's a person that could help me buying this in US.hehehehe.Well Nana,you really have to help me buying these shoes and directly shipping the shoes to me.What do you think guys?Is it okay or not?I really love the bone figure on the shoes.It is so unique that you can't find it anywhere else.Muhehehehehe.Please leave your comment here and tell me is it good or not?Or you can tweet me or facebook-ing me.HEHEHEHE.thanks a lot!!


Saturday, August 6, 2011

First of all,i would to say SALAM MUBARAK everyone :)Hope that this bulan Ramadhan will make us become a better person and i'm already anxious for Raya this year.hehehhehehe.Why?It's because I can't wait to wear my baju raya.Hahahahaha.

So yesterday me and my friends went out for our break fasting.We went to Kenny Rogers Time Square to break our fast.The day started with a final exam actually : Introduction To Engineering "-_- Hope the history will not repeat itself again by making me sad about the results.Then,a little bit of class by Ueno sensei when I thought the day was over for classes.After we waited for the boys went back from Jumaat Prayer,we rode Meon's car to Time Square.First,we bought the Captain America tickets for Meon and Nina because obviously they wanted to watch it.We strolled around the mall a little bit and oh yes Mr. Zuley and Mr. Meon here bought the Mickey t-shirts.The t-shirts were so nice and cool and it feels lik I'm going to buy it for my brother one.Well,I'm a nice sister.Muhehehehehhee.

(The t-shirts that they bought)

While they were watching Captain America, me,Zuley and Dilin went to Low Yat to jail break my phone.Dilin also wanted to usha his new phone.And here I am so lame to be excited about the jail break phone.Yeay!!!!Now I have lots of applications already.hehehehe.Dilin also already chose his new phone.He will be buying a Samsung Galaxy Mini.Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!We also went to BB plaza to repair Apek's phone.The building was like creepy."-_-

Then,the real deal came.WE ATE LIKE A BOSS at the Kenny Rogers.hahahahahah.The dinner was so good but still I always didn't finish my dinner as usual.This time it's Mr. Meon who finished all my dinner and Mr. Zuley took my muffin.hehehehe.After that we went to Pavi to see the Tokyo Street.And as usual,we took lots of pictures and we were so jakun to see the BIG DOMO and lots of lomo camera.It feels like buying a Holga.Muhehehehehe.We went to Starbucks too and bought Ice Blended Mocha.And before I forgot, Zuley and Meon changed their clothes just to wear them for the sake of taking pictures.HAHAHAHAHHA

(The Holga,maybe I'm buying one :D)

Around 11 pm,we went back to TBP.Early,right?Well,it's fasting month.Hahahahhaha.Thanks to Meon for becoming a driver and brought us here and there.heheehhe.Do come here next week to joins us shopping for raya.:D