Sunday, February 12, 2012


Long hair means lots of thinking
Period means lots of emotions
Puberty means responsibility
Homesick means missing home
Going out means having fun
Locking yourself in a room means depressing
Taking people for granted means not cool
Infidelity means unnegotiable
Who cares anyway?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Journey:Part 2

So let's continue the journey,Part Two.The day started with us prettying up ourselves to get ready for Zuley's sister's wedding.Yesss,the day has come finally!On that day,we were very colourful.While Zuley,Apek And Maya were in red,me was in yellow and Nina & Dilin were in black.Actually,it was a very first time for me to attend a Johorian wedding as there were quite new things for me at the wedding.

Katun & Paah join the forces!

We fulfilled our stomach with the wedding food and hanged there until the end of the wedding.Paah and Katun came too just before the 'Persandingan' started.So before the groom can meet the bride,he has to pass a couple of 'tol'.In order to pass the tol,he has to pay every single person who's on the guard at the tol.I was one of the guards there too and me iz happy to get the money.The most expensive tol was the Mak Andam tol.After settled with the payment,only then the groom will meet the bride and the 'Persandingan' started.I didn't think there were tols too in other cities.I thinklaaa.We took pictures with the bride and groom before the end of the ceremony.

Tol Session

Photo with the bride & groom

Later that evening,we was brought to Taman Merdeka to tag along with the bride and groom's photoshoot.We were very busybody but who cares?It's our nature.Hahaha.The park was actually wuite near to my high school.I've been there before for our school dinner.Lots and lots pictures were taken whether using my camera,Maya's camera and the cameraman's lens as well.We took lots of pictures too because the scenery was way beautiful.After that,we rushed to JPO.

Photoshoot session

I bet you guys know already about Johor Premium Outlet whether you heard it on twiter,facebook or in tv itself.That was our next destination after that.So,JPO was really my paradise.It's like my third home after Pavilion.Hehehe.Too bad we're on a rush to send Maya home that night.We only had one hour to shop and stroll along JPO.There was no way we could have enough time to shop what we wanted.But,believe it or not,Maya managed to buy quite lots of things.Me only managed to buy two shoes.Still,I am a happy kid.:D I must come again to JPO and shop till drop.That's my goal whether it's sooner or later!It's a must!

Shoes bought in JPO

Maya tengah glabah nak blik Ganu

After sending Maya to Larkin,we went to have our late dinner again.As usual,the cheapest chicken chop in town became or choice that night.I couldn't finish it all because I'm too exhausted to eat and just wanna sleep in my mind.It was a tired but fun day.We ended our day quite early that night.

The bride's brother holds the bunga telur

The final day,we started our day with Kacang Pool!Yeyeyeyeh.I have been craved for it in a long time.The taste is still the same like I used to eat it when I was in high school.After that,we went to Thistle Hotel for the wedding on the groom's side.Again,there was a photoshoot and the cameramen are Zuley and Apek.It's quite embarassing actually because we didn't get to dress properly such as baju kurung because we will be going back straight away after the wedding.Felt sorry to the ceremony though.There were also the tol system on the groom's side.I thought the tol system was only on the bride's side but it seems like both had them.

Sorry for the improper dress-up

After the wedding,we went back to Shah Alam,the real and horrifying world.We have to face exams after we come back.Oh how I wish exams are not exist in this world.So far,the trip was fun and full of activities although it's a short one.Still,I have to go to JPO once again to satisfy myself.Till then!