Monday, December 19, 2011

December's Rainbow

December is one of the important months in our calendar.It marks the end of the year,the end of your sins of that year,the end of memories of that year and randomly,it's the month of Dilin and Nina's birthday!:D:D:D So,last week was a whole of preparation,pranks and not so jadi prank,suprises and the biggest of all,CELEBRATION!

So,my partner in crimes for the celebration was Zuley,Apek and Meon who came far away from Penang just to be here with us to celebrate this event.:) The discussion has been started since last Tuesday which was very hard to keep it from leaked.Haha.But,there's a curious man here who checked other people's phone and then BOOMED!kantoi sudaa."-_-.Oh Dilin,why would you read Alis's message?Grrrr.There goes the surprise.Hmmmph

Meon arrived here on Thursday's night and we picked him up at Murni restaurant after we bought the things for the birthday.He brought the rainbow cake exclusively from Penang.He held it like his own daughter.Hehehe.The cake was so beautiful!We couldn't even want to eat that gorgeous cake.

Rainbow Cake

On the next day,Zuley,Meon and Apek went first to Sunway Pyramid to book the karaoke room for us.Me,Dilin and Nina went a little bit late after that.and the event was held at Red Box,Sunway Pyramid!The place was so awesome but the security was too tight.Nevertheless,the songs were all new!We sang Adele's song like crazy.My voice nearly gone.Haha.Actually,Meon's presence was a surprise to them.When Meon came in with the cake,it was a shock for Nina and,that one we considered as a success.We had a good time there celebrating the birthday.

Pardon us,(muka berminyak)

There's only one thing,all of us could not manage to enter the karaoke after the celebration.It was a little bit sad because we should had been spending time together at that time.Zuley and Apek had to go out and hanged somewhere else while we're karaoke-ing.really really felt sorry for them :(

Boboy and Black Headed

Then,Choy picked us up and we straight away headed to Laser Tag.Yeyeyeh!We played once again but now with Choi and Wun.Hehehe.Again and again,my team(Me,Nina,Apek and Dilin) lost!Zzzzz.The other team(Zuley,Meon and Choy) won with I-don't-know-how-many-marks."-_-Stil,we had fun that time :)

The winners

Overall,it has been a fun day!It can be considered as a success for the celebration even though ada sikit kantoi.haha.Thanks to Zuley,Apek,Meon,Choy and Wun for the day too!And most of all,Happy Birthday to Nina and Dilin.Not forgetting Maya too!:)


Monday, December 12, 2011


So,our weekend this time is all about Rock The World 10 that was located at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur.Yeyeyeyeh.It has been a long time since I bailed out from the indie scene.It was almost two years I did not involved with indie music.But,never mind.Music does not judge people,right?At first,Meon was supposed to join us for the concert but he had to attend class on that day.So,it's your lost Meon.Hahaha.No offense!

Actually,Apek had a futsal competition on that morning before we went to the concert.It was worth it waiting him because his team won fourth place for the event.:D:D So,we went to Shuhaida Restaurant to fulfill our stomach first while waiting for him settling the game.It was just me,Zuley and Nina.Around 3pm,we picked up Apek and straight away headed to Stadium Merdeka and can't wait to bang our head!:D:D.Luckily,the traffic was quite okay.Only a little bit jam here and there.And I must say this,I really love our outfits on that day.We were colourful and a little bit of rock chic.Just nice and suitable for the concert.:)


When we reached there,there were already many people hangin' around.As you can see,the concert started at 12:00 pm.Too early,right?Hahaha.I thought it's just nice we reached there around 4pm.At that time,Pesawat performed couple of songs.In the middle of the crowd,the people were moshing around and I felt old already.I used to be like that too before.Hahahaha.But now,I really feel like an old person already.Me just watched them doing that at the middle.Hee.We managed to watch Monoloque,Atilia,Bittersweet and others.The sound system was not quite bad and the stage is okay I guess.Oh yess,if you did not want to join the crowd at the stage,you can just sit behind and listen to the song soothingly.

the stage scene

Best picture of the day :D

Afro Guy"-_-

us ;)

Besides performing bands,there were also some arts,crafts and some shows.There were drift show,Volkswagen exhibition and live Grafitti show.The coolest part of that drift show was it's a lady who drove the car and drift like a man!She was so cool and drove the car like there was nothing happened.The Grafitti was cool too as the artists draw them live in front of us.There were also lots of food stalls if your stomach is hungry or whatsoever.The best part is there was photo booth and you can take lots of picture using Instax!By the way,it's FREE!yes guys,the instax are free.Where can you get lots of instax free with your face on it!Muahahahha.Me liking it very much :D:D:D:D

Drift Show

Live Graffitti

Plenty of Volkswagen

Boboy and Red Head

Lots of Instax!yeyeyeyeh

the night scene

Around 9.00pm,we went out from the scene and and headed to Kampung Pandan for our dinner.We hanged a little bit there while keeping our stomach full.After that,we went to Barra,our usual place for Mamak stall.It's always Barra.Hahahaha.

Overall,this weekend has been an awesome one!Yeah,I didn't even know most of the songs that were sang at Rock The World.It was awesome because I went with my friends and we enjoyed every single time we had there.Thanks to Zuley,Apek and Nina for giving me a good time there. :).And guys,sometimes we should support our local scene too,right?Till then,goodbye.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yuna and The Coffee

Ehem2.Hello everyone!At last I am gonna write a blog post.Yeayyy me.I've been quite busy with lots of work to do at JAD.Zzzzzz.When this gonna end?Haha.So,what can I say about this event is unexpected.It cames suddenly and we didn't even wanna go at first because it was too rush.

So,it happened last week on Wednesday night.We really didn't know about existence of this event and I am just started to adore Yuna right now after watching AIM couple weeks ago.So,Fera tweeted me that evening saying that there's an opening of a new coffee shop at Shah Alam and asked me to accompany her since she was alone.And she caught a fever at that time.There will be Yuna too on that night to perform a couple of her songs for the opening.By the way,the coffee shop is called Coffee Planet.At first,I hesitated to go because there was no transport at first.Plus.there's food fiesta itself at my home.Che Ah's buying us Tomyam Campur at Shasha and we cooked some food at my house.

After finishing our own free food fiesta,I thought of going to the opening because I really wanna listen to Yuna's live singing!Then,I asked my friend whether I can borrow his car and yesssss I got the car.Muhehehehe.Thanks so much to the owner of the car.:D:D:D.So,I asked Zuley,Nina and Dilin to tag along and meet Yuna.Hehehehe.Seriously,it was very random when we went there.

Fera :)

When we reached there,there were already lots of people.We reached there quite late actually because Yuna had already finished singing.T_T.The main point I went there just to watch Yuna sang actualy.Sobs sobs sob.And finally I met Fera after ages.Of course,she looked gorgeous as usual.Me liked her electric blue coat on that day very much.Would love to have one soon.:)Yet,there were more free food waiting for us.You just name it. Spagheti, andwiches, doughnuts and coffee!The coffee was nice actually and the shop was from Dubai.It is the first shop in Malaysia.The ambience and interior design was quite impressive.

It would be a waste if I did not take some pictures with Yuna.So,here we were queueing to take pictures.She was quite tall and beautiful.The most important thing is she's veryh humble and down to earth.I really salute her for that.At first,Dilin was quite shy to take picture with Yuna because Zuley didn't want to take picture with her.After that,Dilin was the last person to take picture with Yuna.We also wanted to take picture with Qi Razali but he seemed to busy with his family or aquintances I guess.Really hoped that we could take picture with him at that time."-_-Thanks to the cameraman,Zuley for taking all of our pictures.:D

It was time for us to say goodbye to each other.Really glad that I could meet Fera even it was such a short time.Hope to see her again soon!And thanks to Zuley,Dilin and Nina for tagging along with me to meet Yuna.:DYou guys should got tho this new coffee shop in town.It's called Coffee Planet and located at Section 13,Shah Alam beside the Tutti Frutti.Hope you guys enjoy the coffee :)