Sunday, June 3, 2012


The prank. You assumed, and you got so angered by your own thoughts. And then you lash it out at me. Unknowingly you blame me. It's sad to know how little trust I have from you guys.

The incident. Of course it got into me a little bit. You know that I would definitely be there for you guys. If any of you guys were to face the same thing, no matter what, I'll be there. Of course it hurts. I guess maybe that's my problem. I'm always the one who cares more and I thought what we had was forever. But then, even one simple test, and we all failed. Us, our friendship failed. Aren't we suppose to be there for each other. For better or for worse right?

When I open up to you guys, I was really hoping that you will understand me and know I really need a support here. Hmmm, there comes a point when I realize that there's no use fighting for a friendship if I'm the only one that fights for it. I just want to cherish every second that we have, you know. Before you guys really leave. Don't take people for granted, eventually people get tired. A note to myself.

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