Saturday, March 17, 2012


Hello guys. Well,this post is about my friend's birthday,Zuley which was happened way back a month ago. It's a little bit late to blog about this but yeah,it's still a celebration,right? Every good celebration should not be left out on this blog. :) So, his birthday was actually on the 23rd of February. And we celebrated it a little bit late which is 2 days behind. There's somme things need to be done before that.

So,the celebration started with turning this person into unconscious and can't-think-straight person in order to make this event went everything as planned. While he was going out with his friends on Friday night, me, Apek, Dilin, and Nina sorted things out. We took the car and planned what we're gonna do for him. Around 3 a.m. Apek pretended that he had his sister's car and asked us all to hang out at our usual place, Barra.Speaking of that, it has been a long time I did not go there because of this long holidayyyyyy. As usual,we did our weekly routine and became the dragons. hembus sana hembus sini.

Around 4.30 a.m. we "went back home" which meant we're going to Sepang Gold Coast,which is located around 45 minutes from Shah Alam. Well,the route was not surprisingly going too well. Zuley can't even sit still and was whining and moving a chimpanzee. Haha. Dilin had to hold him tightly until he himself could not stand Zuley. Then, we arrived the beach around 5 omething in the morning.

Chimpanzee-like :p

So, we took our position and started to take an egg each and threw them at him. Yeayyy. Serves you right Zuley. Hahahaha. And believe me, the egg was kinda like a rock. Although we threw them hardly, some of them were not even break off. And we gave him a big Superman cake with a watch. You better keep that watch for a long time Zuley. Haha.

Birthday boy

Sepang Gold Coast

We hanged there until 10.00 a.m. Zuley bathed at the beach. We actually wanted to mandi pantai actually but the beach seemed a little bit dirty so nahhh. Next time maybe. Overall, Zuley's reaction this year is better than last year. Hehs. Maybe it's a bit not matured party but who cares, right? Because we're awesome!! Hehehe. Happy belated birthday Zuley! :D

p/s : I'm gonna make a photo album like Lily did in HIMYM. yeayy


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  1. thank you to all of you for this celebration