Sunday, July 1, 2012

Minangkabau Wedding

Hye hye hye. Last two weeks I went to Bay's brother's wedding. Not hers but her brother. So, there were 12 of us going to the wedding. Well, Fida and I were in one car while Thara, Fera, Lina and Alfa were in one car because they were from Shah Alam. Sheila went there with her parents. Fitted, Amel, Bedah and Aien were already there since like from morning.

Fida's car and Thara's car were a little bit late because you know, woman. Hahaha. When we reached there, Bay's parent were so cool wearing the tanjak, keris and all that. They were wearing the Minangkabau costume if I'm not mistaken. It's like they were the one who got married on that day. Without wasting anytime, all of us attacked the food and hell yeah it was the best wedding food I've ever eaten. Plus with our empty stomachs. (Y)

Around 1.30 pm, the "persandingan" started. I have never seen Minangkabau wedding. So, this was my first. The costumes are a little bit different than the regular coustumes. They have silat and the kompang and so on. While the persandingan was happening, the parents of bride and groom will standing right next to them. Thanks to Sheila for being our photographer of the day. Too bad she had to go back early and cannot ou own little photoshoot.

Bride and groom

The pelamin

After the wedding, we went outside the hall and as usual, took some pictures. The best part was Amel did not even care about her polaroid films. She just gave everyone each. She said the films were very cheap in USA. Untunglaa. I would buy the same instax camera like hers when I have extra money. Now, I have too much things to accomplish. Haha. Thanks Amel :)


The lovelies :)

Around 3.30 pm, we all went back. The Shah Alam girls have to go back early because they had not finished their A level exams yet. Fida sent me to KL Sentral and my father fetched me there. Thanks for the day, guys. I love attend weddings especially with my friends It feels like we're grown ups. :D


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